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A simple and cheap method of providing a good background for clinical or (pre-surgical) shots is to dig out an old black or dark blue t-shirt or other item. These are much better than the standard blue surgical towels in most ORs or clinics. Here is an example, a clinical shot of a patient with an isolated FDP laceration of the left ring finger:

FDP lac 1

This was taken with the OR lights on, camera flash off.



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Higher quality images can be obtained by saving them directly from whatever PACS system you might have available. However, taking pictures manually with a lightbox and your camera of choice is often necessary, especially if your practice isn’t digital. Using a mounted camera directly over a special lightbox used for photography is ideal, but I’m not sure it makes a difference unless you plan to submit the images for publication in a journal.

digital radiograph manipulation

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This is a link to a page describing several ways you can manipulate a plain radiograph to obtain optimum image size, quality, and orientation.


forearm07.jpg (14497 bytes)


forearm01.jpg (19404 bytes)